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Surf Activities

Surf Lessons

Rezha Surf School offers thee types of surf lessons.

Private Lessons - One on One

Semi Private Lessons - 2 People

& Group Lessons

Here are some of the skills we will cover in our classes

  • Selecting the best waves for surfing

  • Correct surf board body positioning

  • Correct wave position, to catch the perfect wave

  • Correct paddling technique

  • The correct way to stand on the board for perfect balance

  • Catching & Riding waves


Private Lesson one on one - 2hrs - 550,000rp per person

Semi Private Lesson - 2 People - 2hrs - 500,000rp per person

Group Lesson - 2hrs - 450,000rp per person

Rezha Surf School Surfing Lessons Jimbaran

Paddle Boarding

Have you ever tried to paddle board before? Its so much fun! You can hire a paddle board from Rezhas Surf School and have a go! Our instructors will show you what to do.

The paddle boards are much bigger than normal surf boards, so it is much easier to balance on. We have the best view here at Jimbaran Bay its a perfect place to cruise along at your own pace exploring the bay. 




1hr 20min - 200,000rp

Rezha Surf School Paddleboarding Lesson

Surf Trips

Are you an experienced surfer?

Would you like to go to the surf spots where locals surf?

We can help you with our tailor made surf trips, we have our own traditional style boat so you can have the best surfing experience with one of our guides. 

At Rezha Surf School we know the best spots so you can have the ultimate surfing experience!

Here are some of the top surf spots.

- Kuta Reef

- Balangan Beach

- Dreamland Beach

- Bingin Beach

- Uluwatu Beach

- Nyang Nyang Beach

Please contact Rezha Surf School Jimbaran for any questions and price for these trips.

Rezha Surf School Surf Trip
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